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When you join the list of our biggest fans, we'll give you our first show movie for free! Plus a bunch of cool extra goodies straight to your inbox every week :)

extra goodies? like...snacks?
Here's what you get:

Our First Gig Almost Didn't Happen

We rehearsed three times a week over four months to play this show and it almost broke us. Band members came and went, the show was rescheduled, instruments broke (sometimes on stage, you’ll see)

Now I know you missed out on jamming out with us in person for this show, so to make sure that never happens again we’re stoked to tell you that now…

you're first in line for every show

Huh? Okay, here’s what that means:

Any time we book a show, you’ll get the ticket link before we post about it on socials! Our most recent run of shows all sold out, so you get to make sure you don’t miss the next one (we knew you were one of the cool kids). We know your email is important, so we only want to send you stuff you care about!

PRO TIP: When you add your ZIP code during sign-up, we’ll send you a link for the show closest to you! That sound fair enough?

Hearing your favorite songs live is one thing. But if you’ve ever wondered how the band wrote them, it gets even better because you’re also getting…

unreleased song demos

I’m gonna be honest here, I never thought I would show these to anyone (except my mom maybe lmao).

Some of these are fun little voice memos, like a song sketch just so I’d remember a cool idea I was working on (with…questionable singing talent). Some of them are unheard lyrics that transformed into what you’re listening to now! And some of them are surprisingly close to the final song.

If there’s a song you’ve always wanted to hear the original version of, this is how you can finally get it!

All that sounds fair, right? But that’s not even the best part. I’m so happy to give you…

Exclusive merch offers

Yes, merch!! Music merch, artist apparel, band beanies (okay the alliterative naming thing is over. I was reaching with the beanie one)

Have you ever paid for a shirt that fell apart immediately, or the design got all cracked after a wash? Yeah. It sucks. I know you’re excited to get merch, so I wanted to make sure you get the best stuff. That’s why I print all of it myself (yes me, Carter, the lead singer). So when you buy anything from our store, you know I put my hands on it to make sure it’s awesome.

I make it myself so I can give you exclusive deals and sometimes even exclusive products.

We'll See You There!

If you read this far, I just want you to know that I’m so excited to be your friend now! Can’t wait to hear from you! :)

We Can't Wait!

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